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Changes of Love: Our Beginning Years

This book is about two women that stumbled around each other for years looking for love, but kept finding the wrong people. Then, fate stepped in and landed them in each other’s paths. When their eyes met, it was like they just knew that this is the one. They danced and laughed, but never spoke not even one word. It was sort of like the Cinderella story how they left each other, which placed Tonya on the hunt for the girl from high school. In this book, they will both tell their stories, and speak about their journey after finding one another. They will tell you how they fought to love, even when loving one another was so unpopular. They will tell you how they managed to bring it all together despite trials, tribulations, and the hatred found deep in the vessels of many in the name of God. This book starts their story, and others will come to conclude it. They tell this story to help their children to remember how love although it did not come easy for their parents, is real and worth the fight and journey. Welcome into the life of Tonya and Linda Moore, and we hope our story help you to find the jewels in your love story.

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Changes of Love: Don't Ask Don't Tell 

Coming Soon 2018

This book will finish their beginning years and go into their challenges in hiding behind the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy among other life changing issues. Dr. Moore is currently a Major in the United States Army Reserves. She was an enlisted but decided to return as an Officer. Linda was right by her side when she received her commissioned as an Officer. They are both Veterans (Linda has a honorable discharge from the US Navy).

(There will be others books of "Changes of Love" added to this site)