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Mrs. Linda M. Dennis-Moore's Bio


Mrs. Linda M. Dennis-Moore is the CEO of Changes of Love, Inc. Mrs. Moore is a LGBTQ Relationship Consultant and Speaker. She has edited several books/article relating to leadership (her spouse is the Author) such as: "Understanding the Supervisor Role in 11-Elements: The Moore Management Model" and "Leadership: The Moore Management Model."

Prior to Mrs. Moore's sabbatical, she worked at Poultry Plant in the following roles: Lead Person, Quality Assurance, and last position was the Supervisor. During her sabbatical, she obtained several degrees: Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling, Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership [All-But-Dissertation] and PhD in Counseling with a concentration in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior [Doctoral Student. She is completing an Executive-MBA at the Jack Welch Management Institute to better understand the business aspects.

She also spent majority of her sabbatical as an at-home Mom and homeschooling her kids. She is happily married to Dr./Major Tonya D. Moore and they have 4 adult kids as well as two grandsons and a granddaughter. Mrs. Moore is also a Military Spouse along with being a Veteran in the United States Navy.


Dr. Tonya D. Moore's Bio


Dr. Tonya D. Moore has over 20 years combined experience in Academics, Government and Corporate. Dr. Moore started her current career as a Professor specializing in the areas of Human Resource Management and Business. She was an Associate Campus Dean and Curriculum Chair for Human Resource Management program as well as served on the Faculty Senate and the Academic Integrity Committee. One of her other roles is a Subject Matter Expert as relates to writing courses and creating lectures. She won a Curriculum Award. She has also served as a Director of Instructional Management and Assessment Systems. Dr. Moore’s current position is a Campus Dean.

Major Moore is in the United States Army Reserves for over 20 years combine Enlisted and Officer. Major Moore has served as a Regional Training Center Branch Chief for the United States Army Reserve Command. In this role, she was able to develop a Program of Instruction which justified $20 million in resources. She has completed a manpower work study to justify roles and restructure the different command groups. She served as a Company Commander for Basic Training, Assistant Adjutant Personnel Officer as well as being an Assistant Professor for Military Science.

Tonya is the Vice President of Sharpened Image Inc. (Georgia Region). This is a full Strategic HR Solution Firm (Staffing, Pay rolling and training). She is the CEO/CTO/Owner of DEMO Consulting LLC. She has published two books on Leadership. Tonya was in management at United Parcel Service also. She has Board of Directors experience in the Education arena with one being at newly started LGBTQ K-12 School in Atlanta. She is a member of several Professional Associations (past/present). She is a Breast Cancer Survivor and advocate through sharing her testimony.