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Relationship Consultants/Speakers

As LGBTQ Consultant, Mrs. Moore based her relationship consulting from her almost 20 years with Dr. Moore. People wanted to know their secret in a relationship that is perfect for them. Some of the tools provided are not only from their almost 20 years together but from their studies in their academic field from Counseling, Leadership, Team Building, Organizational Structure as well as Business Concepts. She can provide couples consulting or even individual  consulting. Mrs. Moore can accommodate you through different modalities such as remote, face-to-face and even through her workshops. The charge for their service is based off of the type of consulting you are seeking. Please contact her so she can provide one free initial consultation or assessment.
Dr. & Mrs. Moore are also Speakers for the LGBTQ community. Their topics will vary but mainly it will be in a motivational context in understanding your authentic self. They also strive to discuss diversity as relates to the LGBTQ community in the workforce especially in the Military.